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This is the "Econo Cargo" wall system, which is made of grey plastic. It's good looking , but not extremely  rigid. It covers the walls, door panels, and comes with a ceiling panel as well. This is a full plywood interior system we build and install. There is an ample amount of insulation in the walls, doors, and ceiling for a quiet ride and temperature retention.  Plywood is a good choice because it's durable and reasonable in weight and cost. A plywood floor has a much longer service life than the original rubber mat.
Here's a look at the 3/4" plywood floor. You can slide or roll heavy cargo in and out like you could never do with a rubber mat. This floor looks even better with a coat of good paint. This floor was much too pretty to cover up with cargo, but you can do so without worry. because we installed a 3/4" plywood floor under the diamond plate aluminum. This setup is a good choice for the motor-sport enthusiast.