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These are "Hockey Puck" locks. Besides the security they provide, they also make a strong visual statement to would-be thieves. The steel hasp has a circular guard to protect the lock from prying, and the mounting bolts cannot be loosened from outside. When there are 2 or more locks on a van, we have them keyed alike. This shows the lock in it's stored position inside the door when not in use. It keeps the lock from falling out and getting lost.
These mesh window screens protect the van from smash and grab theft, and also keep shifting cargo from breaking the windows from the inside. They screw right in with #14 sheet metal screws. This is a rear "Cross view Mirror". With this, the driver can see what is directly behind the van. This is why national companies like FedEx use them.
These are "20-20" mirrors from Velvac.  They come with extended arms especially for towing use, or with wide body vans and trucks. Remote control and heated glass are options in these well made mirrors.