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This is our most popular rack system. These all aluminum racks come in 2-rail or 3-rail styles. On the front rail is an aluminum air deflector which keeps wind noise down. The rack installs right to the drip rail with clamps, and no drilling. This rack is called the "cargo topper". It's made of galvanized steel with raised rails. The crossbars are about 22" apart so any length cargo can easily be carried. This rack is available in 12ft and 14ft models. The photo shows the optional catwalk installed. The stainless steel ,rear mounted ladder is a big help when loading and unloading.
This is the rack we use for mini vans. Since there are no drip rails on modern mini vans, the rack must be bolted through the roof metal. We then add our own support brackets under the roof to add considerable strength to the rack. Nobody installs your rack like CYCLEVAN does. When a customer with a utility body van or cube van needs a roof rack, the first thing we do is call the body manufacturer to see if they offer a roof rack specifically designed for their van body shape. If they don't, then we'll make one from scratch like the one shown here. Much like everything we make, it's overbuilt. That's the way we do things at CYCLEVAN.

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