Here's a shot of a van partition with a locking door. The inset photo shows a literature holder bolted to the front side of another partition.
Here we have two #44 shelf units bolted together, one of them with a locking door kit installed. The door could have been installed on the very bottom compartment if desired. The locking door will protect the more expensive tools and supplies on board.
Here's a view of the passenger side of the same full-size van. This particular drawer unit has many compartments for small parts. There are many styles of shelving units you can choose from, and a few more are shown below.
This van was outfitted for a maintenance supervisor of a landscaping company. The inset shows the 3-passenger bench seat behind the front seats, and the shelving units which are seen from the rear doors. The van will carry critical parts and personnel to a jobsite so emergency repairs can be made on their equipment.
Here's 2 views of a Chevy Astro mini-van with shelving and locking compartments on the driver's side. On the passenger's side is a literature holder for the repair manuals needed for this company. The mini-van shelving is specifically sized for the dimensions of these smaller vans.
This photo shows two Freon tank towers and a nitrogen tank holder bolted to the floor. There is also an acetylene tank holder within easy reach.
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