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When it comes to doing sunroof installations from scratch, an installer needs to deal with many details, and starting off with the best products is only the beginning. Different car models have very different roof characteristics, such as the curvature of the roof metal, or the presence of an internal crossmember, or even a console on the ceiling. These things must be dealt with PROPERLY. In fact, most installations require relocating the dome light, and sometimes even this can be complicated. But all our efforts are directed toward giving you, the customer, a totally trouble free sunroof purchase, with a 5-year warrantee, in writing.

 We also offer REPAIRS on existing sunroofs of any make or model, in any car. Please call for more assistance. 

sunroof , closed position sunroof, fully open sunroof interior photo sunroof with shade closed
Shown here is a power "topslider" sunroof installed in a Honda Pilot. The second photo shows the sunroof fully open. The last two photos show the interior shade in the open, and then closed position. Because of the corrugations on the Pilot's roof metal, (photo 1) we needed to take some extra steps to insure a leak free installation.
pop up sunroof , exterior pop up sunroof, interior ford F250 power sunroof installed ford F250 sunroof, interior

Here's a PT Cruiser with a pop-up sunroof installed. This type of manually operated sunroof has a glass panel that is completely removable. The pop-up is the most affordably priced sunroof.

A Ford Superduty F350 with a power topslider installed. Notice the snug fit between the exterior cab lights and the roof ribs (bumps).
topslider(spoiler) sunroof power topslider sunroof interior

An Oldsmobile Alero with the power topslider sunroof.

Here is a 2007 Chevy Van with a pop-up sunroof. The ribs on the van's roof required special attention (filler strips) but the result was perfect. We sleep well at night knowing our installations will not leak because of our attention to these important details.

power sunroof installed GMC Jimmy GMC Jimmy sunroof, interior mustang sunroof, power mustang sunroof interior

This is a GMC Jimmy. This truck got a power topslider sunroof installed, with a interior sliding shade in color matched fabric.There was a long console on the ceiling, which was shortened and re-installed. It can be seen between the visors.

This photo is of a Ford Mustang with a topslider sunroof. The interior photo shows the roll up type sun-shade fully open.




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