This Sprinter owner (on a budget) had us build some special interior racks and shelves to carry samples of golf apparel to show the various pro-shop owners that would order from him. He would make his sales presentation right in the rear of the Sprinter.
Astroturf-like carpet
simulates a putting green.
This is the main sales area.
The samples would be
presented on this grid, and accessories would be shown with them.
This spotlight, mounted
across from the main
grid wall, would highlight
the customer's items of
A view from the rear doors shows the clothes bars, as well as a shelf for headwear samples.
This Sprinter is almost too pretty to put to work! We did all the upgrades to this truck with the exception of the awesome paint job.
A utility hook set with 5 hooks, and one of the 3 sets of double-dome lamps. We installed a pair of 3-way switches (like in your hallway at home) so the owner could turn the lights on or off from either the cargo area, or the dashboard.
Here's a massive amount of small-parts storage... perfect for an HVAC contractor. Also, He can lock his more expensive items in the upper left compartments
The rear door view shows
the tank holders for the
Freon, nitrogen, and acetylene tanks needed in the plumbing trade.
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This Sprinter's interior was built for a manufacturer's sales rep of women's fashion clothing. Our customer is able to put on a presentation for her clients, right in the back of the Sprinter. There, they can sit in comfort while outfits are shown and orders are taken. Obviously, a well-lit, professional design is necessary for business to be conducted properly.
The plywood walls are prepared by cutting and fitting to the sprinter's interior shell.
The plywood is covered in a soft interior fabric before final installation. The same goes for the door panels and ceiling.
Here's a photo of the fuse panel that protects the circuits of the lighting, rear a/c and heat,
This seat (facing inward) is right behind the driver's seat. this is used by the client during the sales call. The rear a/c & heat unit can be seen next to the seat.
This view from the rear doors shows the clothing racks, the fluorescent lighting, and the fabric covered walls & ceiling. The ample room for samples, and clients, should make for a great sales tool!
Here's a view of the overhead storage compartment just over the front seats. A busy salesperson appreciates an efficient use of space such as this.
Here's one of the two flip-down grids that is used for hanging apparel during the sales call. The clients can see how several articles of clothing look next to one another.