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The installation of a van high top makes the movement of cargo or passengers a much easier and efficient task. The photos below show the finished installation on several different vans. While the actual installation of the high top (or raised roof) requires much of the van's original roof metal be removed, we do keep a short section of  roof metal above the driver and passenger seats intact. This provides rigidity as well as a handy storage shelf which we cover in carpet.  Also, the method we use to seal and fasten the high top to the van has consistently proven itself to be leak free and trouble free, so the need for us to deal with installation problems afterwards has been largely non existent.
So let us install a high top on your van , so you can get more out of  your van.

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Our camper top is our most popular top which gives 6 ft of headroom. It's popular for commercial users because adding about 40% more cargo room makes good business sense, doesn't it? All of our hi-top installations get a functional, carpeted  storage shelf above the driver/passenger cab area. We now install a double-bulb cargo light in the center of the ceiling at no extra charge. The interior of the hi-top is clean and bright due to the white finish, and there are NO raw or rough edges exposed anywhere.
This is our aero top which adds about 18" of height, resulting in about 5ft-10in of headroom.  The cool, sleek styling of this top is smooth and appealing from front to rear. This customer was going to install rear seating at a later date. Because of this, we installed a roll cage as required by today's government safety standards. Later, when the interior is finished, the roll cage will be hidden behind the upholstered ceiling panels.
This van has a camper top installed, but with a finished interior.  We were able to fabricate the upholstered ceiling trim in the exact fabric that the van was outfitted with originally. This view is looking rearward above the rear doors where a small oval storage area is visible. Notice the air vent on the upper sidewall which is 1 of 4 vents for the rear a/c unit. A cavernous storage compartment resides above the front cockpit area. You could fit a huge amount of stuff in there, hidden from view. 
This Dodge Caravan had a top installed to accommodate a wheelchair lift that would be fitted by another shop.  The rear air conditioning was ducted up into the high top and some storage space was created above the front seats. Reading and cargo lights were added too.
New Hi-Top models now available:
Nissan NV    12" and 16" models Transit Connect 12" top Transit Connect 22" top Sprinter 140WB  16" top


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