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for the 2007-2011 Sprinter.                                  

Now that the current body style Sprinter has been with us for 4 years, we've been able to install a wide range of accessories, such as Seating, 2 kinds of Roof Racks, Trailer Hitches, lots of Windows, Reverse Cameras, Shelving, Roof Vents & side wall Vents, and much more. Because of this, we know what products fit properly, and perform as intended. Among the most recent installations we have done are the 3rd-man Seat between the front buckets, an Auxiliary Battery system, an effective Reverse Camera & Monitor system  as well as Trailer Hitches and Trailer Brake Control units.

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ALL-ALUMINUM  shelving components from Ranger Design:      RANGER DESIGN PRODUCTS CATALOG

Crew-Ready Sprinter  
  Here's a look at a few Sprinters we have built for some of our customers. We've had the distinct privilege of being able to serve a varied group of customers, with varied needs.  
SPRINTER GRILLE GUARD Presenting the GRILLE GUARD for the 2007-09 Sprinter. It's all-steel construction features a durable black powdercoat finish. It's a sturdy piece of equipment that will offer protection to the otherwise expensive  grille and headlights. As you can see, the design of the grille guard has been executed nicely, and the Sprinters handsome nose has not been molested in any way.

SLIDING DOOR WINDOW  The new Sprinter is less of a chore to drive with the added visibility of a window installed in the sliding door. Our window gives you a large view of the critical area needed to merge and change lanes safely. If there are going to be other drivers using your Sprinter, having this window is a safe bet, especially if they are not accustomed to handling a  vehicle this large. just-installed window in sliding door of new sprinter
REAR DOOR WINDOWS    This van features a set of tinted windows installed in the rear doors of the 2007+ Sprinter. They're another affordable safety upgrade. rear door windows installed in 07 sprinter
"3rd-man" SEAT     This little console/seat gives you the ability to carry an extra passenger in comfort and safety. This seat makes even more sense in Sprinters with a bulkhead installed, because no extra seat needs to take up precious space in the cargo area.. 3-rd man seat flipped up sprinter 3rd-man seat FLIPPED DOWN
3 PASSENGER BENCH SEAT     This new Sprinter was just outfitted with a removable 3-passenger bench seat which includes the appropriate seatbelt  system. The seat dismounts easily with the release of 2 levers, and remounts just as easily. sprinter bench seat, removable
ALUMINUM ROOF RACK    The '07+ Sprinter has NO drip rails in which to clamp a roof rack. Fortunately most of the new Sprinters have tracks on their roofs and our 3-rail roof rack mounts to these tracks and can be adjusted fore & aft. Plus, the racks are made of aluminum, and will never rust. aluminum 3-rail roof rack on new sprinter
CARGO TOPPER ROOF RACK     This is the Cargo-Topper roof rack pictured here. It's comes in 2 lengths: 12 ft  and 14 ft , and has multiple crossbars, so you can carry items long and short. It's made of galvanized steel, and attaches to the factory installed tracks present on most Sprinter roofs. The second photo shows the optional catwalk installed down the center of the rack. The catwalk is made of galvanized steel with an aggressive tread  surface. cargo topper roof rack on sprinter with multiple rails
RUNNING BOARDS    Here's 2 views of a running board installation on the '07+ Sprinter. The new Sprinter has a high step well and the running boards really help. A long running board is mounted on the passenger side, and  a shorter one on the driver's side. They're available in 2 finishes.  running board on Sprinter, driver side
REAR DOOR LADDER    This is our stainless steel ladder which mounts to the rear door, and makes loading the roof rack much easier. This welded, 1-piece ladder is well made and stout. Stainless steel is a wonderful material that is attractive, strong and corrosion resistant. rear door ladder on Sprinter, stainless steel
REAR CROSS-VIEW MIRROR     This rear cross-view mirror is an economical way for the driver to see what's immediately behind the vehicle. It's a simple device, really, but it can save much trouble and expense. rear cross-view mirror on Sprinter
PARTITIONS (bulkheads)    We offer 2 styles of partition for your Sprinter. The one on the left features a swinging door (or the door can be bolted closed permanently), and the partition on the left features a sliding door. Both partitions are available for either the low-top, or the high-top Sprinter. Sprinter partition/bulkhead Sprinter partition with sliding door
HITCHES & ACCESSORIES    We now have a class III trailer hitch available  which bolts right up to the '07+ Sprinter's frame. Of course, we can install trailer wiring and also a brake control, as shown in the photo to the right.    

Learn more about hitches, wiring & brake controls

SHELVING AND COMMERCIAL STORAGE    Shelving of all types is available for the Sprinter. For this customer, we installed a work bench and 12-volt fluorescent  lighting, as well as some locking cabinets and a partition. Also pictured is an insulation and wall panel job which was done on the same vehicle before the shelving and workbench units were bolted in. Click on the link below to browse Adrian Steel's latest product line.


sprinter workbench, shelving, and fluorescent lighting sprinter wall paneling and insulation
REAR BUMPER-STEP    This galvanized steel bumper step almost seems required for the '07+ Sprinter with it's high floor. This step bolts directly to the frame, with no drilling and features an aggressive surface that is perforated to let ice and snow pass through. bumper step of galvanized steel on sprinter
AWNING INSTALLATION    These views show an awning installed on the 07+ Sprinter. We had to make special mounts to hold the awning above the sliding door. It worked out very well, but a step ladder is needed to extend and retract the awning. Sprinter with awning extended Sprinter with awning retracted
SIDEWALL AIR VENT    Here's a neat little air vent. This flip-vent has a lid that can flip forward or backward to either scoop the air in or vent it out. The black plastic trim finishes the inside nicely. We put two on the LH side, and  one on the RH side. These were installed on a Sprinter belonging to a company that transported chemicals with fumes, and we later got reports from the customer that they worked quite well in displacing those fumes. flip-out vent on Sprinter sidewall flip out vent in sprinter, interior view
HOCKEY PUCK LOCKS    If your vehicle is carrying valuable cargo and you go into high-risk areas, you would  be wise to invest in a set of these supplemental locks for the cargo doors. Not only do they add real security,  these locks produce the visual impact needed to deter potential threats. An actual "ounce of prevention". hockeypuck locks on Sprinter rear door hockeypuck hasp on Sprinter side cargo door
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